Friday, April 25, 2008

Mothers Day Stamping!

My stamp table is looking a little overwhelmed with flowers and Mothers Day stamps! Tonight I am not feeling 100%, however I thought I could try my hand at a few cards. You know stamping always makes you feel a little better. I think it is just a cold. Regardless, it sucks. A little rest this weekend will be good for me.

Now these are fairly simple cards but I really liked how they turned out. I'm trying all kinds of variations. Hope you like them and I hope your weekend is a FABULOUS one!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A moment!

That is exactly what it was! I was doing my thing... cutting paper for an upcoming class when all of a sudden and idea popped into my head and I had to completely stop what I was doing and get the idea onto paper. The layout to the right is what popped into my head. Nothing major, just a 6x6 layout. However, it's all about ribbon today!! It started with Kristina Werners Blog this morning. I watched this cool video she had found with a little ribbon deal and it just started a spiral of ribbon ideas. Check out the video over there and you will see what I am talking about and why it inspired my ribbon day!
This card below was inspired by the video. Very simple card, but loved adding the ribbon as an embellishment. Anyways, I hate to admit, but the ribbon originals is so pretty and I rarely pull it out of my stash. Thanks to Kristina, it was used a few times today.

I need to make some baby cards, so I pulled out a fun set called Nursery Necessities. Such a fun baby set to work with. Above are a few cards I made with this set tonight. Loved adding hardware to both of these cards. This is one thing I do use a lot. Love my Hodgepodge Hardware!
Have a FABULOUS week!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Mothers Day Tea!

Today was Lexi's preschool Mothers Day Tea and what a delight. I was such a proud parent. There are only 5 in her class and she sang at the top of her lungs today. Typically you cannot hear her, but that was not the case today. She was just about the only one you heard. My cheeks hurt from smiling. I was so proud of her. It was such a precious time to be with her and she was so proud of all her little projects and the beautiful flower pot she made me. I just love these treasures and I love that my job allows me to be with my kids for functions just like this one. Thank you Stampin' Up!

Speaking of stamping. I have a few things I want to share tonight. I love Brandons teacher as well. She is such a great lady and I love how she recognizes gifts that each of the children in her class has. She always writes little love notes to each of her kids and Brandon just beams when he comes home with one. Me too. Believe me, it is much better than the letter I got last week stating he was jumping off urinals. WHAT???? I digress... Anyways, here is a little post it note holder I made for her. The school is a space and science school so the rocket ship fits perfectly. I think she liked it. :)

Lastly, I wanted to share another fun card that uses some of my favorite things for today! I love our rub-ons and how easy they go on. I also just love the Felt Flowers we carry now. These are really high quality and add such fun to any card. Then to just top off my favorites I added one of our Carousel Notes to this card. Holy shmolly these are the greatest things ever. I just love them. The person that thought of these is just a pure genius. If you didn't know, they come with Chocolate Chip envelopes. Talk about putting a girl over the edge. With my love for Chocolate Chip this just makes these little scallop thingies top my list of FAVORITES!!!

Hope your HUMP day was a fabulous one. I am currently watching it snow. YES, SNOW! Really I think this is WRONG! Yesterday was 80 degrees. Today there was a 40 degree temperature drop and the white fluffy stuff. Wrong I tell ya. It is April. This is supposed to be pool time for this girl. Not so much anymore. Looks like snowmen are in my future. Have a fabulous night!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, hold on to your pants!!!

Yes, I have some stamping to share with you. I know, I know! I am giddy with excitement to share with you. Brandon had a birthday party to go to this past Saturday so we pulled out some stamps and this is what we made for the birthday boy. Of course all products are from Stampin' Up! Let me tell ya what I really did here. If you have gone to any type of Stampin' Up! event you know that you take hundreds of pictures at each event. Well, I come home from them and I am all excited about the 400+ pics I have taken and I download them and share with friends. Then for some blonde reason, I forget these pics exist. After uploading all the cruise pics and seeing all the awesome ideas there I decided to go back and look at past convention pics. WOW. I have really missed the boat. :) I need to take a peek at these a little more often. The sailboat card was inspired by one of those pics as well as my Mother card. Now for this next card, I hardly changed a thing. I even used the same stamp sets. I think I only changed the hardware and the colors. Isn't it pretty? I thought this was a fun card.
Well, now that I have blown you away with three posts, THREE days in a row, it is time for me to get back to stamping. My stamping juices always seem to flow around this time of night. After 10pm the itunes go on, my booty gets a movin' and the stamps start a flyin'.
Have a fabulous night!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A little more Bermuda!

Here are a few pics I had taken on our trip into Hamilton. I was so impressed with how clean Bermuda was and of course the colors of the homes were so impressive. The water was so blue and clear! They say the sand is pink, but I guess I was expecting Pretty in Pink sand and that was not what I was seeing. I really couldn't tell that it was pink. It looked kinda white to me. Maybe I have poor eye sight. Regardless, it was beautiful. I know that I did not put my big toe in the water because it was very cold.
How about these cute guys? My friend Jeri was just a few rooms down from me and I went to visit her one night after dinner. Low and behold when I walked into her room sat that BIG honkin' elephant! Now, I had just been to my room and I had the baby sitting on my bed. I so wanted that Big Guy!!! So, I went searching for my cabin dude to see if maybe I could charm him and get the Mama of the elephants for my room. :) Well, I found "BA" (my cabin dude) and he was sooooooo nice and made me the big mama elephant. I was so excited. Ba was a great guy and I was so impressed how he remembered our names so quickly. Sure do miss the chocolates on my bed.

So, just what is in store for me now that I am back? I am catching up on the little things. Getting back into stamping some fun projects for the rest of the month.

The pale of flowers was just made this past Sunday at my stamp camp. I sure do love those die cut flowers. I used Big Flowers to help add dimension and a little stamping to the flowers. That cute pale was found in the dollar section of Target. We added a Rub-on to a tag for the pale and I thought the whole project was just springy and fun.

The card you see next to it was a club project from last month. We made monogram cards using the gorgeous Together Forever stamp set and Forever Flowers wheel. I really love this set! The wheel is forever elegant and looks beautiful tone on tone on any project. Love the colors of the card as well. Very elegant.

There ya have it. A little Bermuda, a little stamping!!!

Holy Cow! April Already?

I know! MIA once again! Honestly, it is all been good stuff going on in my life. Busy stamping and teaching and taking care of this great family I have. I really cannot believe it's April and we are almost half way through it as well.

Where should I begin? How about the fabulous trip I just took to NYC and Bermuda compliments of Stampin' Up! If it's one thing Stampin' Up! does well it's planning the perfect trip. While the weather could of been a bit better, the trip was amazing. Getting to see my stamping girlfriends is what makes me tickled pink. I really had the time of my life. Let me explain a few highlights of the trip!!
NYC really was a thrill for me. I learned a lot of history and the fact I have NO fashion sense.
Here is a pic of Times Square. I was amazed with all the lights and people.

Here I am catching a cab. This was one of my thrills of NYC! I couldn't believe how many passed me up. I thought for sure one wave and there it would be. Then once in the cab I hung on for dear life. What a ride!!!

Here is Lisa, Me and Jeri on the Lido deck for the big BBQ event. We were almost smoked out but the food was amazing. Really a great time.

Can you say "TOO CUTE?" I couldn't believe what they could do with Pineapples. I took more pics of the food I ate than the people I was with. Sure was Yummy!!!

Don't ask me what I am doing, but I know I was having a GREAT time. I believe we walked by a bar playing 80's music and this instantly threw my bootie into action. This must of been a good song! :) Notice Lisa laughing? She tends to do this a lot. :)

Me and my hunk. We had such a great time together. Russ was able to go diving with my girlfriends and their husbands. He had a blast. I do not dive because I don't like things touching me underwater plus I am afraid I would scream underwater which then of course I would drown. There ya have it. Glad he was able to experience it though. I made sure the ship didn't sink while they dove. :) I did a pretty good job.

Here we are.... super chics! We had dinner at the Pinnicle Grill and it was very Yummy. We quickly got out of the dressy stuff into comfy clothes and ran around the ship for awhile. I think this is when we found the 80's tunes. Such fun!!!!!

This is a taste of friends in Bermuda so far. I will share more pics tomorrow and some good ole stampin' fun as well. I have lots more to share with you. Forgive me for being a slacker poster. Time really flies when you are having a good time. I really do LOVE my job!!!!

Edited to ADD----->To see great pics of the entire cruise go to Kimberly's Gallery located to the right of my blog. You will find tons of pics! I will highlight more here tomorrow.