Sunday, December 9, 2007

You can build it!

I love our Build a Brads that Stampin' Up! carries and almost hate to admit how many tins I have really gone through. I was getting things ready for my big Hostess Diva night and making them little treats they so deserve. I just finished using the last brad out of the build a brad and a light bulb went off. "THE TIN!" The tin is totally re-usable and can fit 6 decorated chocolate nuggets. Here is very simple tin I decorated using the tin.
The other thing I made for them was a little chocolate box. I love those boxes. Easy and fun to make. They had a whole bunch more last night and we had a blast. They were all brave to come to my home in the middle of a snow storm. Gotta love the weather these days.
Last picture is of my snowy kids. They love to play in the snow. NOT me! Luckly I can just watch and then warm them up when they are done. ;)
Have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Boy oh Boy!

I know, spank me! It's been awhile. Lots of things going on and no time for playing on my blog. To sum a month and half of not blogging... here it goes!
*new computer died and came back to life a month later!
*stampin', teachin', and staying happy!
*a week at my SIL's in Corpus Christi playing BINGO!
*playing catch up after being away for a week.
Of course lots of great funnies go with all the above, but that could potentialy bore you! So let me show you a few things I have been really working on!
So lots of projects, some very new... others maybe a few months old. Honestly, life has just been busy but GREAT! Hope you are enjoying the Holidays and your family!
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