Monday, April 14, 2008

A little more Bermuda!

Here are a few pics I had taken on our trip into Hamilton. I was so impressed with how clean Bermuda was and of course the colors of the homes were so impressive. The water was so blue and clear! They say the sand is pink, but I guess I was expecting Pretty in Pink sand and that was not what I was seeing. I really couldn't tell that it was pink. It looked kinda white to me. Maybe I have poor eye sight. Regardless, it was beautiful. I know that I did not put my big toe in the water because it was very cold.
How about these cute guys? My friend Jeri was just a few rooms down from me and I went to visit her one night after dinner. Low and behold when I walked into her room sat that BIG honkin' elephant! Now, I had just been to my room and I had the baby sitting on my bed. I so wanted that Big Guy!!! So, I went searching for my cabin dude to see if maybe I could charm him and get the Mama of the elephants for my room. :) Well, I found "BA" (my cabin dude) and he was sooooooo nice and made me the big mama elephant. I was so excited. Ba was a great guy and I was so impressed how he remembered our names so quickly. Sure do miss the chocolates on my bed.

So, just what is in store for me now that I am back? I am catching up on the little things. Getting back into stamping some fun projects for the rest of the month.

The pale of flowers was just made this past Sunday at my stamp camp. I sure do love those die cut flowers. I used Big Flowers to help add dimension and a little stamping to the flowers. That cute pale was found in the dollar section of Target. We added a Rub-on to a tag for the pale and I thought the whole project was just springy and fun.

The card you see next to it was a club project from last month. We made monogram cards using the gorgeous Together Forever stamp set and Forever Flowers wheel. I really love this set! The wheel is forever elegant and looks beautiful tone on tone on any project. Love the colors of the card as well. Very elegant.

There ya have it. A little Bermuda, a little stamping!!!

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Alexandra said...

OMG - had a heart attack when I saw you had posted, lol!! Miss talking to ya girl....these are fab pics and projects!!