Monday, December 11, 2006

It's all in a title, right?

Some of you may be wondering why I chose my blog title Stamping by the Sea when soon I will be stamping in the mountains! Well, 3.5 years ago when I joined Stampin' Up! I came up with my group name Stampers by the Sea. ***BTW, I do have the most talented group of women in my downline!*** Since my husband has ALWAYS had us stationed by the sea, I thought it was a catchy and appropriate name for my group. Then he came home four months ago to tell me we would be moving to Colorado Springs, Co. NO SEA! Just MOUNTAINS! My roots are near the sea, so I thought what better way than to keep my mind refreshed with the words SEA! Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the beauty of Colorado. I'm not so sure this southern girl is looking forward to being snow bound, but I guess you never know. This could lead to an over abundance of stamping if I am snowed in. As long as I have my family, stamps and a hot cup of Starbucks, I will be fine.

Now, off to scrappin' and stampin'! My life is still chaotic, but I need a little piece of creativity in it today. I feel the urge to scrap a fun page. I thought I would start with the picture above. Nothing is better than watching your daughter get all dolled up. When I captured this moment, I had a few ideas up my sleeve already on how to make the most of this picture. Stay tuned. Tonight, you will see what became of this picture!

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