Thursday, May 15, 2008

UR Fantastic

That is what I think of my husband. Life is a little busy lately! Russ has finals and seems to have his nose in a book more than I would like. He warned me this week would be tough. Boy oh boy! It's all good... just a few days left. Since we are like two ships passing in the wind, I thought a little card may cheer him up and let him know I really do appreciate the sacrifices he's making by getting educated. Okay, so that is a lie... I have been cranky so I am making up for it. There ya have it. So this is a super duper easy peazy card. Now I gotta tell ya... I have a new favorite thing! This card uses the Messenger Accents & Elements Tin and I just L*O*V*E it! I love the colors and I love all the little sayings. If it wasn't so late, I would crank out a few more of these. Maybe tomorrow. I also used the Notebook designer series paper along with my all time favorite cardstock, KRAFT! Lastly, I used some chipboard... NAKED, NAKED, NAKED!!! I know so many friends that just hoard this stuff because they are so unsure what to do with it. Just slap it on a card... It really is fun stuff!!! This card only took a few minutes to make and I love it!!

So, the last bloggy entry I made said I would have a scrapbook page for you. Ummm... I do have it, but I can't post it for a bit. I will post it this weekend. I am so sad to say I only have one layout done. INSANE! Good news though. I just picked up a bunch of new photos and I plan to put them on paper this week. I have tons of ideas floating in my head just waiting to be put to paper.

***ETA: I really do appreciate my sweet husband! :)


Sara said...

I love this! Great layout & details! Can't wait to see your future layouts!

Alexandra said...

You must be in the dog house - LOL! He will love this! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Donnie said...

To have all that creativity is truly a blessing. You must have really smart parents. It was a very pretty card, really. The last card I got was a get out of jail free card, oh well. I love you and I'm so very proud of you. Dad