Saturday, July 7, 2007

Need your help!

Oh it is late! As usual I have been stampin' until the late hours. I have gotten a lot done and I feel GREAT! So you ask why do I need your help?? Actually, I need your RAK help! I have someone in my downline that I think could use a few cards in the mail! Great things are happening in her life! She just retired as a Navy Commander mid June and then a few weeks later she took her oldest son to the Naval Academy to be sworn in. We all know this is GREAT news, however think about it...Retirement, plus emptynest= a friend that needs a RAK! She is also getting ready to move across the country. You can check out her new blog as I have it listed on the sidebar *California Stampin'*. If you are interested, please email me and I will give you her address. I know she would appreciate it. She is a GREAT stamper, great friend and just needs a big FAT hug-a-roo! I can't do it personally since we are many miles apart, but I CAN do it through the mail!!!

This brings up a great thought once again. I have mentioned this so many times but I will mention it again! The greatest thing about my business is the wonderful friendships I have made along the way. So, I thought I would say a big hello to all my friends around! Sure do miss all of you! Hello RI, VA, FL and those of you that have scattered EVERYWHERE!!!! I can hardly keep up with my military girlfriends. I think I would have to list all 50 states! Of course I better not forget Sonya.... in SC! LOL! That silly southern girl!! Hugs!!! Isn't stamping/scrappin' GREAT? I never would of met these ladies had it not been for Stamping!! WOW!!!!!

Dang, I did it again. Started babbling. THIS is why I only post projects in the morning. LOL! I think I will go to sleep and zip my lips! Much work needed tomorrow.

Have a super duper weekend. I shall post a super duper card tomorrow!!! At least I think so!


Alexandra said...

YOU are the sweetest, kindest, most giving person I have ever met! Thanks for the kind words my friend BUT it is you who is special and I am blessed you are my friend. *HUGS* Alex

Ellen aka Chipper (SCS) said...

I love your banner!!! It's beautiful and your blog is wonderful. You've been tagged.

Alexandra said...

Hi girl! Well, you know I have you listed on my blog (highlighted, starred, underlined!) and guess what??? YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! *HUGS* Alex

kimberly J said...

A great hello to all, I love reading your Posts Kimberly!!

Alex, keep your head and know that you are loved by us all, I will ya when you leave....