Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Tag Time!

It appears I was tagged! I think twice. Please excuse me for being outta the loopage. I have been quite busy in the stampin' room! Creating a bunch of stuff for upcoming classes and SWAPS! Alex tagged me last. You can visit her blog California Stampin'! Just click on the link to the right. She is a super gal.

Okay, so 7 Random things about me? Let me see if I can come up with that many. I might bore you!
1. My blog name Stamping by the Sea was created by me because I have always lived by the SEA, until NOW! Now I live in the mountains. However, my heart is by the sea!
2. I could eat hot dogs all day. It is one of my favorite foods.
3. I love to dance. Yes, silly! I put my iPod on and dance in my stamp room like a crazy woman. I am amazed at the creations that come with it. :)
4. I watch three soap operas daily. If I don't get to see them during the day, I record them.
5. I am addicted to the weather channel!
6. I have a PEN fettish! If you leave one around me, I may steal it!
7. My husband still gives me butterflies in my belly! Our anniversary is Wednesday! We will celebrate 11 years. Whoo hoo!!

See, not really exciting. I can never think of these things on the spot. Hmmmm....

I *think* I will have a few things to share tomorrow. I have been extra busy! Convention is around the corner and I am so excited to see my girlfriends. Nothing could be better than time away, and stampin' with your buddies. Yippie!!!!! Can't wait!



Alexandra said...

I could say a lot of things about you (all good) but BORING would never be one of them - lol! *HUGS* Alex

Jan Scholl said...

I am addicted to the weahter channel too and have a lust thing going for Jim Cantore. I leave the channel on if I am home by myself espeically during hurricane season and I live in MIchigan! Jim-please come to Michigan for the next storm. be still my heart.