Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break Time

Yeppers!! Spring Break has started here and I only hope this means warmer weather here. This past Saturday it rained and SNOWED! Then Sunday we were wearing short sleeves at the park. CRAZY weather! We started our spring break at the zoo yesterday and I have never seen so many hills in my life. I could barely walk after I got home. This was a true slap in my face that I am OUTTA shape! Jeesh! The kids had a blast and that is all that counts.

So, I have been busy stamping. In fact, I have a few projects I am working on and will unveil later today. I've been working on my Scrapbooks in the Mail program most of the weekend along with some really cute cards for a friend of mine. Both are just about completed. I am a GREAT multi tasker. What mom isn't? I have to tweek my Scrapbook program and I will tell ya all about it later as well. I think it will be a fun program. You'll see!! :)

I believe today will be an indoor day since it is foggy, rainy and down right COLD!

Happy Tuesday... and oh, you know what Tuesdays bring!! Time to get the cleaner out!

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