Thursday, February 8, 2007

Work in progress!

Gosh, who knew we had so much STUFF? or maybe I am the one with TOO much stuff. I am still unloading my Queen space. I am amazed how well they packed my beautiful paper. Not one paper wrinkled or corner bent. Of course, I did explain to the nice packing man that my paper was my precious china. (wink)! The room is coming along nicely. I am finding stuff that I had forgot I had. I have to get the room organized as I received my Spring Mini Preorder yesterday as well. I opened that big beautiful Stampin' Up! box and just about fell on the floor. The beauty of these stamps just makes me wiggle in my boots. I can't wait for you to see them. They are truly spectacular. I had a flat tire yesterday so I had to make a run to the Tire store. Lexi and I packed a little bag of goods so we wouldn't get bored and away we went. I mounted stamps the entire time. I thought they could just fix the flat, but oh no. I know how to really make a tire flat. :) I have a brand new tire now. Hmph!!!
Brandon likes his school. I am still not adjusting well. Probably because he got lost when leaving at the end of the day. When everyone went Right to get out the door, he went Left. He didn't know and found himself by himself. Poor baby had big crocodile tears and was so scared. I was angry. The problem was solved though. It shouldn't happen again.

Well, tomorrow is another day and I am sure a few more boxes will be opened. Have a Terrific Thursday!

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StamperSharon said...

He-he, having recently moved myself, I think "WE" have too much stuff, too! ;) So I totally understand the unpacking process. Good luck -- can't wait to see what it looks like!