Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's getting there!

The house is starting to look much more normal. Russ and I worked all day yesterday. From the time we got up until we went to bed. It was fun to giggle with him and feel like newlyweds. When you move and you are unpacking you run across items you don't see for awhile. Including pics of us right before we got married. Gosh we were cute! Makes me fall in love all over again.

*Most* of the boxes are unpacked in the house. However, there are many boxes in the garage and I am praying those boxes have some items I am surely missing!! Russ can't find his jeans. Ha. I shouldn't laugh, but it is *his* missing item. I don't think its a bad thing! But, you can't run around naked here that is for sure. Must find his pants! Hee hee!

The weekend has been gorgeous. 50 degrees here feels almost like 60 in Florida. You would think the kids would want to play outside. Oh no! We found a toy box yesterday and literally it was like Christmas revisted. That part of a move is actually fun! Watching them get reaquainted with old toys. I must admit, it is almost the same when I go through my own stamp room. I always here from many of you that I have sooooo much stuff. I found out through this move, YOU are correct. It was fun seeing some stamps that have been neglected. I have a few projects in store. Promise.

Let me take a minute to say thank you to the many of you who listen to me ramble about this move. This little blog has been more of just an outlet to express my true feelings about this move. I have felt so much closer to home than I ever thought I would. It has given me a chance to vent and also a chance to go back and laugh hysterically at some of the calamitys we have been hit with. All and all, this will become my creative place to inspire you in some way. May it be a good laugh for the day, or an actual creative piece... it will happen. I believe all the right tools are in place now. The only tool needed is my hand and ink. I think that actually might happen today. So hold onto to your pants. You may be surprised tomorrow.


Colleen said...

First stamp and then go find your hubby's pants! We have priorities ya know! LOL

Tanya said...

Okay, the visual of you stampin' up a storm while Russ runs around pants-less is just priceless... LMBO =P