Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Reflections of 2006...

Let me humor you once again! I was hoping to humble you with a fabulous new creation that I was able to make tonight, however today I was quite caught up in getting ready for the packers. Maybe tomorrow. ;) Back to the humor. I traveled back to Jacksonville yesterday. I was supposed to leave on the 30Th, but I was having so much fun with Russ and the kids that I decided to stay there. Finally got on the road around 11am after saying more good byes to my family. I have to hug and kiss them each 100 times before leaving. I hit a ton of rain on my way home and didn't see the sun until after I hit the Starbucks in Tallahassee. I had my ipod blaring and singing very loud to myself when I noted that I was making REALLY good time getting home. I noticed a lady fluffin' her hair and not paying attention to the road in the fast lane. As I became disgusted and sped passed her my van decided to make a little noise I had not heard before. Kinda like a sputter. I sputtered to the side of the Interstate and noted that my gas gauge was at the sputtering stage. I RAN OUT OF GAS! I called Russ of course to find out what I should do. I noted what mile marker I had passed, but the blond in me forgot. While listening to him laugh on the phone I decided to get out and see exactly what mile marker I was at. Just then, I could see a police man coming to my rescue. I was so embarrassed to tell him I had ran out of gas. He was so kind and told me he would take me to the gas station to get a gallon of gas. As I was heading back to his police cruiser I could only think of what my Mother would say. Mr. Policeman needed my drivers license to make sure I wasn't a fugitive and then told me I had to get in the back seat of the car. Now I really felt like a putz and could only think about the germs that were laid to rest from other putzes' like myself. Onward we go to get some gas. Once back to my van the nice Policeman put the gas in for me and off to my car to start it. Didn't work. Since my van was sitting on an angle, the gas wasn't' getting to the fuel pump. Since we didn't have a big gas can and the gas station wasn't really close it was time to call the tow man for a service call. After waiting 45min. and 5 gallons of gas for $55, I was once again on the road to Jacksonville. Mr. Policeman was so polite and sad I had to pay that much for the service call, but I gently told him I kinda deserved it for running out of gas! Lesson well learned. So, how did YOU spend your New Years Eve??? I hope to escape the insanity tomorrow and create something. I think tomorrow may be my only day to actually put a stamp and stamp pad to good use. I hope each of you are enjoying the beauty of this craft. I am going crazy without it!!


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Tanya said...

Okay, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time... but, what a riot! Only you, girlfriend! LOL =)