Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Reunion!

I hope this post finds each of you still enjoying your family after all the holiday hussell and bustle. Typically Christmas is my favorite time of year! This year has been a little harder with Russ being away. Once we picked him up at the airport on Saturday, my Christmas *spirit* kicked in. I would love to just sit at the airport and watch all the happy reunions. Sure does make me smile. Which is exactly what Russ and I did as we reunited with each other once again. Big smiles! Nothing feels safer than being in the arms of the one you love. Christmas was magical watching the kids open their gifts and seeing their smiling faces. I couldn't believe the time they were up... 5:52!! Jeesh! They were so excited. I still have a few days left with my honey before I return home to pack up the house. While I am here I am trying to figure out where my make shift stamping area will be. I am already craving a stamp while here. I can't go a month without creating. My hand may fall off. While I'm at it I am trying to figure out how I will post my pictures as well. Wish me luck and if you are a computer chic, then help me out. :)

Until next time... toot a loo!

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