Thursday, June 7, 2007

Funky and Babble!

I just finished a fun layout of my sweetheart. I will post tomorrow as the light in my favorite place is not so great at midnight! I feel so good. I feel this way because I just scrap'd a great pic of Russ and I. Then when I journaled it just made me fall more in love with him.

So, i was blog hoppin' and one that I just adore is Elsie Flannigans blog. Check on the right side and you will see the link to it. If you like fresh and funky and carefree scrappin', then check out her stuff. Her photography is amazing. Love that she is carefree. Hmm.. i have a ways to go, but i do feel a little like that this week. Just going with the flow, loving life, and loving who I am! This doesn't happen every week. Ha ha ha ha! Last week, not so much! Stress--- this week... who cares! WOW, I feel really good! *wink* It could be the dancin' crazy in my favorite room with my ipod on full blast. I love that thing! That is being carefree. Dancin' around like you are *it*! However, it is hard to journal when you are getting your groove on with the ipod going full blast. :)

I did finish up my tween book that I am teaching on Sunday. it just needed a few tweeks. Oh this little book makes me giggle. I am sure they will enjoy. It brings back great memories for me. I can't wait for them to see the book and ask me about some of my music artists I wrote down. I am afraid to hear, " who is that???" Sunday I may blog telling you I am not feeling so carefree, instead I am feeling WAY OLD! It's all good! Right?

Okay, nothing but babble tonight. Will post that layout in the mornin'! I think you might like. It's simple dimple!!!

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Alexandra said...

I want you to post a pic of you dancing all around with your IPOD! THAT cracks me up (especially since I do it too and I bet there are lots of 'em out there who do). I am so glad to hear you sounding so happy and upbeat - HUGS TO YOU GIRL!!!! Alex