Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is it April? Or December??

My exciting news today is the weather. It is actually snowing! Yes, you heard me right. They cancelled school and now I am watching the flakes come down pretty good. Remember that short sleeve shirt you seen me wearing the other day on top of the mountain (well, actually a rock). Not happening today. So, this could only mean one good thing could happen! I must get busy stamping. :) Check back in a bit. I might have something spectacular to show you. LOL!!


lilstamperalex said...

Snow...in April....time to come back to Florida girl!! Sheesh!

LSN2 said...

Hi Kimberly! I just discovered your blog (from Beate) and guess what...I live in Colorado Springs (I'm assuming that Colorado Springs is now your home). I promise you that it does get better and this state does have many attractions that you will love come summer. We're nearing the home stretch as far as snow is concerned, but us Colorado native's know not to plant any perennials until about the third week into May (as we can still get heavy snowfall April and May). The beauty about our state is it can be cold and snowy one day and then sunny and warm the next.

If you need a stamping friend, I'm over on Splitcoast and my user name is LSN. I'm a hobby demo but I love to stamp when I have time (working full time and being a mommy takes away a lot of my spare time).

Linda (LSN on SCS)

Tanya said...

I'm guessing now would be the wrong time to tell you that it's over 80 here in Jacksonville today. LOL Sorry, couldn't resist. The upside is that you have the perfect excuse to stay in and stamp and scrap all day! I'm jealous!

Merveilleuse said...

Are you Kidding me????

They canceled school for snow!?!?!?

We get snow in April and May and school is NEVER canceled.

Maybe those of us in Canada are just tougher ;)