Sunday, April 8, 2007

Holy Smack a doodles!

Is that a word? Let me get to some business first and then on to my fantabulous news. I'm alive. yes, I survived the DENTIST. oh, how I hate the day at the dentist. That little happy pill they give you is just a wonder drug. Really, I don't remember the drive there except that I did see a deer. Russ tells me it was really there and I wasn't seeing things. Once there at the office, I was put to sleep and the job done. I've had a little discomfort and can't eat what I would really like, but overall... I did survive.

Now, let me tell you what ROCKS my world! Saturday, I am checking my emails and see that DONNA DOWNEY commented on my blog! If you go back a few days ago, you will see a layout I did completely inspired by her. Let me just tell you, I thought my happy pill carried over a day when I came across her name. :) I have been a huge fan of her for a long time. Just like her because she is so REAL and her layouts are so fun. WOW, how in the world did she find little ole ME??? Well, it made my day and Thanks Donna for checking out my layout.

Easter was GREAT here. Unfortunately, Brandon has Strep Throat. I am praying Alexis doesn't get it as well. Poor thing has had some difficulty getting those chocolate bunnies down without having discomfort. He is now on antibiotics and we should see an improvement tomorrow. This really did not cause a problem with hunting eggs. Ha... lets talk egg hunt. It was kept inside since it was FREEZING and snowing here today. Holy cow was it cold. Ice, snow and cold. Hello, is it APRIL???? This Florida girl is chilly!! I sat my rear next to the fireplace with my Yankee Candle Sun and Sand blowing beach smell my way. A girl can escape, right??

I am looking forward to the end of this new week already. I can't wait to meet up with one of my best girlfriends in Salt Lake City for Regionals. Honestly, I can learn nothing.... just seeing her will be a breath of fresh air. I am ready to giggle myself silly!!! Bring it on Sista!! Let the packing begin!!!
Lastly, another of my best girlfriends is headed on the Stampin' Up! cruise the end of the week. I am so excited for her. Russ and I wish we could be there, but we know they will still have fun. ***wink***I have a few things up my sleeve to let her know we will be with her in spirit!! I can be a sneaky girl..... We did have WAY too much fun last year!

Okay, time to rest. I am still milkin' it! Smooches!

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Beate said...

Hi girl! It's freezing cold here too. But at least we didn't get snow.
Your cards are gorgeous! Congrats on your Donna comment! That is wonderful! But not surprising, since your layouts ROCK! I love when you scrapbook. I learn something with everyone of your pages!