Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crazy Day

Ewww Weee! I've been a busy lady today. Creating, cleaning, shopping. I have things to share tomorrow. I have also been tagged by Eleonor! Be sure to check out her blog. Very FUN. I have to tell you 7 things that you don't know about me. Gosh, I really think you know all about me. This could be tough. Here it goes!!!
1. I hate cold weather... okay, so you already know that!!!
2. I had my belly pierced prior to children. :) It looked ridiculous as the belly grew. Out it came!
3. I was a cheerleader in high school and thought I was a hottie. Looking back at those pictures I am not really sure what I was thinking. My hair was 4x bigger than my head.
4. I hate bugs of any type. Even rollie pollies.
5. Although I call Florida my home, I'm a military brat and lived all over the United States growing up.
6. I visit Starbucks almost every day. It is a really bad habit.
7. Prior to Stampin' Up! and children I was an RN working in the ICU's and Neuroscience. I don't miss nursing AT all.

There you have it. A small glimpse into Kimberly's life. I will tag a few folks tomorrow. It's late and my pillow is calling my name. Actually, another fact... I watch my soap opera late at night. General Hospital, here I come. I am so grateful for my DVR. Pathetic really!!!

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lilstamperalex said...

Hah! I would LOVE to see the picture of the big hair - LOL! That is too too funny! *HUGS* Alex