Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Toto...we are STILL in Kansas!

Yes, we are still on the road, and still in Kansas. We stopped for a brief visit with one of Russ' relatives. We decided to go ahead and start our travels again today and break up the trip to Colorado Springs. We are only about 4 hours outside of Colorado Springs. Our travels have made for lots of laughs. Driving with two kids, two cats, and a dog only can bring a few laughs along the way. I guess I am glad we didn't have the birds. Everyone is alive and well. We let the cats out of the carriers when we are driving since Silver gets a little nervous when in there and decides to stink up the car. I am having the opposite problem with Alexis. She says she is NOT pooping until she gets to Colorado. WHAT????? Sorry child, that can't happen! I am happy to report success with her. Kansas was OKAY to poop! Phew!
My dad is finally home. He is doing very well and is actually getting rest. Home health will be coming by for their daily visits. I am so glad.
As for me, I am holding up well. If you know me well, you know that I don't handle change very well. I am happy to be with Russ and the kids and have our little family together. I am sure the next couple of weeks will be full of new challenges as we get into the new house and get our belongings. A few things I am not doing well with:

*NO FRIENDS ( I really miss you guys!)
*NO STARBUCKS (My tounge only has tastebuds for the good stuff)
*FREEZING COLD WEATHER (The hairs in my nose are forever frozen and my hair has static! I think I will take the humid days back!!!!!!)
*NO STAMPING (this truly is awful!)

I have some pictures I will post in a bit for those of you who would love to see our snow!!!! We are off to get a bite to eat and then I must watch my American Idol! How could the President chose an American Idol night. DUH!

Smooches to each of you. Those of you who have left such kind comments about my dad.... just know I love you to pieces!!!! You are the best!! Even to the ones I dont' know. Your kind thoughts are just what this girl needs!!!!!

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Tanya said...

I don't think I'll stop laughing all day about Alexis. LOL That is priceless. So glad the family is back together. Who wants to place bets on how soon you'll be stamping after you walk in the front door of your new home? :-)