Friday, January 26, 2007

Lookie what I did!

Now, before you get to excited... keep in mind my creative juices just aren't flowin' like they usually do. I do believe this will all come back once the insanity leaves me. Crap, that could be awhile. This card was made at my moms. As for the recipe to make this card... ummm... (blushing) you will have to bare with me. The card is not right in front of me and I am just excited to share something made from paper with you. Honestly, this card and a few others are making their way to a few special peeps in my life. I guess all of you are getting a card. ***shucks***
Anyhoo, please enjoy. I am sure there are more to come with the directions. I can't wait to nose dive into my stamps! Yippie!

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